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About me

Claire Andrews
personal trainer and level 2 btf triathlon coach

In 2009 I took up triathlon, a sport which went on to change my life in many ways. I became more structured in how I train as I had specific goals to hit. I became more aware of what I was eating as I had to fuel my body effectively. And I quit my career in the fashion industry to re-train as a personal trainer!


When I started triathlon it was always a long term goal of mine to race for Great Britain in my age-group. I first qualified in 2012, a race which took me to Auckland in New Zealand, and I didn't look back. I've raced for Team GBR around the world in places from Chicago, to Lisbon and a many places in-between! I've raced for the last 6 years and loved every second of it. From training to qualify, the build up to the World championships, the race itself and the friends I've made.


Since starting out as a personal trainer I have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of individuals, all with different goals. Be it general health and fitness or more specific ones, such as embarking on their first Iron distance triathlon!

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