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triathlon coaching


"Claire really did help deliver a top 2018 season, and I am extremely grateful for all her support. I ended up winning my first race of the season, I also finished 4th in my age group at the Triathlon England National Sprint Championships"

as a population group, we're a pretty motivated bunch! with the sport of triathlon being one of the fastest growing in the uk since the 2012 olympics there are more and more triathlon clubs to chose from than ever, which is fantastic. 

But what if your needs are quite specific? What if you've just started triathlon and your local club doesn't have a beginners group, or seems quite intimidating? What if you fancy having a go at an Ironman distance but have no idea where to start? What if you'd like to try and qualify as a Team GBR age-group racer?????!!!

I can help you with all of these having done them myself (apart from the full Ironman!) Sometimes we need very specific training to get us to where we want to go to with triathlon and my on-line periodised training plans will do just that. Written specifically for you, we will get you to the start line feeling prepared, confident and as well trained as you possibly can be. 

On-line Coaching includes:  From £125

  • Personalised monthly training plan

    • Including swim / bike / run

  • Monthly evaluation of training and progress

  • Nutrition advice to optimise training and competition

  • Unlimited on-line support (questions, feedback, concerns)

Add-on’s to maximise performance:

  • Estimated VO2 Max test on a Wattbike with feedback report: £65

  • Full Wattbike Test with feedback report:  £100

    • 6 second peak power test

    • Estimated VO2 Max test

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